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Dean!Girl and I'm going down with Destiel

forever in love with this dork and idolizing this damn assbutt Hiatus: 30.07. - 18./19.08. my queue's set up 24/7



Schwarze Herzen - Gena Showalter
Darkyn - Am Ende der Dunkelheit - Lynn Viehl
Black Dagger Brotherhood - J.R. Ward

Teen Wolf S4
Dracula S1
Reign S1
Friends S3
The Mentalist S1
How I Met Your Mother S7


Right out of the show/movie

1. Carry On Wayward Son
- Kansas
2. Bad Company
- Bad Company
3. Oh Death
- Jen Titus
4. Bad Moon Rising
- Mourning Ritual
5. The Cold
- Exitmusic

Nonfandom [random]

1. Watch Over You
- Alter Bridge
2. Radar Love
- White Lion
3. Me
4. Cherry Pie
- Warrant
5. Soulweeper
- Volbeat
6. Eyes On Fire
- Blue Foundation
7. Drei Engel
- Subway to Sally
8. Unbreakable Heart
- Three Days Grace

Hiatus from 30. July to 18. / 19. August

Okay lovelies, due to vacation in England and two music festivals, I’m from today on on a hiatus!
I seriously doubt, that I can get online, sooo I set up my queue! It’ll be only a few posts per day, but it’s better than nothing :D

While I’m away I wish everyone a lot of fun on the remaining holidays and a good time over the croatoan season! oh god I wanted to be a part of it so bad

I'm an angel of the Lord. Now I'm a sales associate.

This is the face of a man who is fearing for his balls. 

Jensen Ackles at Nerd HQ 2014 [x]

You're a ......*cough* penis —Anonymous





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Jensen Ackles at San Diego Comic Con: July 27, 2014.

In the beginning, you know, i was more of a realist, so if i hear a noise i’m gonna assume it’s a window and not a ghost…So now being on the show for ten years, it better not be a ghost because i’m gonna kill it.

- Jensen on his belief in the paranormal (via heyheyassbutt)