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Schwarze Herzen - Gena Showalter
Darkyn - Am Ende der Dunkelheit - Lynn Viehl

Black Dagger Brotherhood - J.R. Ward


Teen Wolf S4
Reign S1
Friends S3

The Mentalist S1
How I Met Your Mother S8


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apropos: i will finally update the musictab the next days
until I can see how Deanmon is gonna erase everything Dean stands for queue's set up from 2pm to 12/1am


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Earworm of the day
band of the week "Bow down to the pie, do not look at them and do not speak. Pray to them at night and thank them, before you eat.
Pray for forgiveness when you could not avoid to sin, do not lie to them, they will know. Do not touch unholy, stay pure.
Give pieces of happiness to those, who cannot afford one. Be kind to those, who did not know it better and chose the wrong path in life.
Stay true to your ideals, nothing is it worth not to.
Do so and you will find pureness, piece with yourself and the world, the meaning of life and existence.
But more importantly, you will get pie.
halloween fluff is going to come

Right out of the show/movie

1. Carry On Wayward Son
- Kansas
2. Bad Company
- Bad Company
3. Oh Death
- Jen Titus
4. Bad Moon Rising
- Mourning Ritual
5. The Cold
- Exitmusic

Nonfandom [random]

1. Watch Over You
- Alter Bridge
2. Radar Love
- White Lion
3. Me
4. Cherry Pie
- Warrant
5. Soulweeper
- Volbeat
6. Eyes On Fire
- Blue Foundation
7. Drei Engel
- Subway to Sally
8. Unbreakable Heart
- Three Days Grace


                     And the history books forgot about us

     And The Bible didn’t mention us

                                       Not even once.

You’re alive, I feel good - for the first time in a long time.
I got a year to live, Sam. I’d like to make the most of it.

So what do you say, we kill some evil sons of bitches and we raise a little hell, huh?

jensen with gen’s dog(s) in the s9 gag reel & mockumentary

lotr meme: eight races [1/8] → dwarves


THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE  |  starlightiel vs. dahliasheng
round one | favorite character + favorite season
 | castiel + season 5



she’s 23 and she didn’t know she had a vagina until 5 days ago

This is why we don’t do close readings of 50 Shades of Grey.


#Castiel knows hundreds of languages #and thousands of ways to say any given thing #but i don’t think there was ever a word for him #that meant as much #as ‘Dean’ (tags from dirtyovercoats)

One day, I’ll create the perfect gif set of all the times Castiel has said “Hello, Dean” and “Dean…” and “Dean!”, and follow it up with the change from Stairway to Heaven.

Castiel: They like to hear me say their names.image

Pictured: projection. I mean, we know he’s projecting here, because that one time, that one single time that Castiel didn’t say his name? He was all, “Well hello to you too, Cas.” Dude, we get it. It gives you a happy.

And then, Cas.


He mouths “Dean”. He doesn’t even say it out loud, he mouths it. Because this isn’t even the time, Dean. I know you like to hear me say it, but not in front of all of these angels, Dean. Dean, your brother is standing right there.

Cas knows.

Jesus that was one of the most erotic scenes in all of Supernatural, and it’s so subtle.

Bless Misha Collins.


dean: i fought my way through purgatory for a year to find you when i could have gotten out any time
dean: but no homo dude
dean: oh and i kept your coat for you even when i thought you were dead
dean: it's not like losing you sent me on a downward spiral of grief and alcoholism or anything
dean: and i did break through naomi's mind control by telling you that i needed you
dean: but it's not like it's hard to overcome heaven's control right?
dean: and the way i pray to you at least once a day even though i never had faith before you
dean: and the way i need you not because of your powers or how you can help me or sam but because i need support and companionship and just your presence by my side
dean: completely platonic amiright?
dean: totally not in love with you or anything i swear
: :sequel: :
cas: i rebelled against heaven and my family and all i'd ever believed in in the millennia of my existence until i met you
cas: no homosexual
cas: was that correct, dean?
dean: it's "no homo"
cas: okay
cas: once i hid and watched you rake leaves while thinking about how you deserved a better life than i could give you no homos
cas: when naomi trained me to retrieve the angel tablet she made me practice killing thousands of deans
cas: because my platonic feelings for you were the main obstacle to my mission
cas: and then when you were mad at me i went shopping for your favorite beer and porn and toilet paper and almost murdered a shop attendant because they were out of pie
cas: but i'm sure anyone would do the same
dean: right um yeah exactly what i've been saying


so I hadn’t seen a Star Wars one of these yet…